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Toll-free 800-352-1869 offers an exciting Internet Partnership Program for schools, churches, clubs, groups or individuals desiring to raise funds and/or increase profits through the sales of some of the best quality and most popular puppets in the world!


By simply displaying a link or image that we provide on your Web Site, or in your Email Newsletter, you'll become our Affiliate Member and GET PAID 10% of all resulting sales from that site link!

Here's How The Funny Puppets Affiliate Program Works:
Whenever anyone at your site clicks on our link, and then goes ahead and buys any of our puppets, scripts or stages, we will automatically pay you 10% of the purchase price! We will send you a check every month and you may view your account at any time.

As you can imagine, just a few sales made as a result of a link placed on your site or in your Email newsletter(s), could turn into substantial extra income with no work on your part at all!

Simply fill out our affiliate sign up form and answer a short list of questions. When you submit the form you will be issued a unique username and password. Follow the links, pick up our Funny Puppets image or text link, place it on your site or in your newsletter and you are on your way.



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