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A new boy in town, Eddie here is 28 inches tall and comes with the standard clip-on arm rod. He's just joined a very exclusive sports club and is wearing his brand-new shirt that says so. What the shirt doesn't say is that the club is so exclusive that it has only one member. Eddie.



Timmy here is so excited about learning his letters and numbers, that he is anxious to tell all his friends about it... and you too. Timmy is a Deluxe Full-Body Hand Puppet with sculptured features and is 28 inches tall with a movable mouth, arms, hands and fingers. He can open up his back-pack and carefully pick out an example of each letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0 through 9. Now... if he only knew how to spell and count... well, that's up coming next.



Ralph here (on the left) is very fond of his dog Rolph (on the right?). Unfortunately, Rolph is very camera shy and runs off and hides whenever he spots a camera pointed in his direction. This is the primary reason that Ralph has been unable to enter him in any dog shows, though we understand that he has many prize-winning attributes. Ralph (sans Rolph) is 28 inches tall, is wearing his dog training outfit and comes with a removable arm rod.



This fine fellow meets the current fashion requirements of the 'hood' by wearing a 'SUNNY Jeans' striped shirt, tan pants and red tennis shoes. As with all of our large Full-Body Puppets, he comes with a detachable arm rod and removable clothing, and is suitable for ventriloquist use being designed for adult hands.



This young teenager seems to have everything going for him... including a sense of humor. A case in point: his clothing. Not his red tennis shoes or jeans, but that delightful sweat shirt. You know how when you're driving down the street and one of those big trucks passes you... and on the back there's a sign that says something to the effect of: "How's my driving?" and then it has an 800 number to call (the trucks that cut you off, by the way, never have those signs on them!). Well this guy's sweat shirt says right across the front, "How's my attitude?" and just below it is the number to call: "1-800- who cares." Absolutely perfect. We love it! And if just this weren't enough, you can take a hand in guiding this individual by inserting your hand into the opening on his back and up into his head to make him talk (use caution here as this can be too much of a good thing). A rod that can easily be clipped to either of his hands allows him to wave at girls or cover a burp!



Meet Jeremey! A fan of Lawence Welk and Ballroom Dancing... NOT! A Rapper extrodinaire... you can count on it. At a full 28 inches tall, Jeremey is wearing jeans and an orange sweat shirt. To compliment his basic black stocking cap, he is wearing a pair of gold earrings and has a matching gold chain around his neck. If he doesn't wiggle out of it, you can try to operate Jeremey by inserting your hand into the opening on his back and up into his head to work his mouth. A rod that can be clipped to either hand allows Dude to make the expressive gestures that so often accompany his fine footwork on the sidewalk outside of his home. Go, Bro!



"Take me out to the Ball Game." "Please! Please! Please! With peanut butter and sugar on it!" What is it about youngsters this age and baseball? It's like Super Glue! There's so much adhesion that you begin to worry that you will never be able to separate them. And no... sometimes they DO NOT grow out of it! This young fellow is 24 inches tall and has found his life's desire. All he want's to do is eat, drink and breathe baseball. For now, anyway. He's dressed, of course, in his own baseball jersey and, if we are correct, regulation baseball shoes too (without any spikes we hope). A rod that can be switched to the other hand (if he's a Leftie) is used to create signals to the umpire and other realistic gestures. Just place your hand into the opening in his back and up into his head to make him beg you to take him to the ball game.


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