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Allow us to introduce you to Major-General Dipsy Doofers, recently retired from the Army of Mirth. At 28 inches tall, you can now have a hand in something very funny! Work Dipsy by inserting your hand into the opening on his back and up into his head to work his very large and expressive mouth (one doesn't often receive that particular compliment). A rod that can be clipped to either hand allows Dipsy to make expressive gestures while clowning!



Here is, of course, Miss. Muddles, performing her world-famous circus act just for us. This is just after the Mail Clown in a tiny truck delivers a new box of beauty supplies for her. She ordered eye-liner and lipstick but what she gets when she opens the box is a big cloud of pancake face powder. The other clowns mistake the powder cloud for smoke and rush to put Muddles out with many buckets of water. Muddles gets even by chasing them with another bucket of water which she accidentally spills into the audience. Good thing it turns out to be just confetti.


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