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Darla here gets very good grades in school because she has turned her numbers and letters homework into fun games. Darla is a Deluxe Full-Body Hand Puppet with sculptured features including a movable mouth, arms, hands and fingers. She can carefully pick each number or letter out of her shoulder pack and show it to you. All of the letters are in there and the numbers from 0 to 9 too.



Carolyn (SOLD OUT) here is wearing her brand-new 'most favorite outfit' which she calls her "Cool Suit." Of course her little sister (who copies everything she can about her adored bigger sister) had to have one too. Carolyn is a full 28 inches tall and comes with a removable arm rod just like her other ventriloquist-type puppet friends. Little Carolyn (GL1701) is 14 inches tall and has both a movable mouth and arms.

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Did you notice that we didn't say "cat owner?" Everyone knows that you don't "own" a cat. Cats pick whom they choose to live with. Cats also decide if they will pay any attention when you call them. You should have a good reason prepared (like a bowl of peeled shrimp) in case you meet indifference. Jill is waiting whiile Brady finishes making sand castles in the liter box. So far it's been 20 minutes. Jill is 28 inches tall and losing patience quickly.

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This sweet young thing is very shy... NOT!!!! In fact, just the reference to a "sweet young thing" is likely to get us a lecture on gender stereotypes as well as age discrimination. Her measurments are 28 inches tall and... well, nevermind. She's wearing blue jeans, boots and a lovely... er, suitable sweat shirt emblazoned with red (Rolling Stones - style) lips and the phrase, "Yeah, whatever!" Ahem... charming. Her red-yarn hair looks just like red-yarn hair and is about as easy to manage. We are sure that she doesn't spend much time on it though. Obviously, she has other issues. If you feel the need to get involved, just slip your hand into the opening in her back and up into her head to move her mouth. However, do not try to put any words in her mouth, or you will regret it. She says that she is "Nobody's Puppet!" Use the rod clipped to either of her hands to make realistic gestures.



Looking here like she just swallowed a bug, Jane is actually a very happy and upbeat youth. Shown here wearing her favorite SUNNY Girl Shirt and Khaki Slacks, you will never find her not also wearing her favorite sneakers. She too is 28 inches tall, fits adult hands and has a removable arm rod.



Radisha is an aspiring actress and while she is waiting to be recognized by a local off Broadway touring company, she is going to school and getting straight-A grades. Actually she got a C in Study Hall for napping, but that was because she studied late the night before for a test. After school and on weekends, she operates her own business. RADISHA'S SUPER BABYSITTING SERVICE even has a web site where customer's may check her schedule against their calendar. It was all her own idea except that she got her friend Jeremey to design the web site for her. She is 28 inches tall and wearing a gold necklace and earrings, a silver belt-loop chain on her jeans, and a fashionable Basketball sweatshirt. You can operate Radisha by inserting your hand into the opening on her back and up into her head to work her mouth (did we mention that she sings nicely too?). A rod that can be clipped to either hand allows Radisha to make expressive gestures when acting.



RAH, RAH RAH! SISS BOOM BAH! GIVE ME AN "H!" GIVE ME AN "A!" GIVE ME A HA, HA, HA! Well, it was a good game... but you had to be there. This cute little girl with the curly red hair... made the whole game worth while. Even though our side lost 27 to 0, she showed the spirit that makes us proud. At 24 inches tall, and with pom pom in each hand, and a nifty Cheer Leader Uniform, ... um... we think she distracted the team. But she meant well! To help her team win next time, just insert your hand into the opening on her back and up into her mouth. Then grasp the rod so that she raises her pom pom high above her... and then let the crowd know how great their team is!


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