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LUCY CAT (10106)

Uh oh. See that cat? The one with the bum eye, playing the fiddle for pennies by the bus stop? That’s Lucy. Better check your wallet and hide your pet fish, ‘cuz she’s bad news. Don’t let that sad tune fool you -- she’s been giving the slip to the Constable since she was lapping sour milk from an old tambourine with the rest of her unfortunate litter. She’s in with that shifty band of alley cats who caterwaul behind the music shop at all hours of the night. On Thursdays they hold closed door “Knitting Club” meetings. That’s what the sign says anyway. Lucy is 11 inches tall and has movable arms. He is available here by himself or in a PUPPET SET with five of his companions.



Lionel Lion is not your average lion lounging around the jungle while his favorite mate brings home a wildebeest to serve for dinner... No, you won't see Lionel standing on an outcropping of rock looking down at his subjects below. Not interested in pursuing his heritage as "King of the Jungle," Lionel migrated to London here he went to Oxford and majored in business applications. Now the successful CEO of a large railroad company (electric, of course), Lionel is looking toward retiring "away from it all." Perhaps, he confides, "... on an outcropping of rock..." somewhere in a jungle, far, far away. While Lionel is a Giant of Industry, here he is only 12 inches tall. Our Lionel Lion has a very expressive movable mouth. Click on the image to see a more detailed picture of Lionel.



Grandson of the famous lion who roars at the beginning of motion pictures, Lampwick was named after his father Lampwick Lion who stared in the local San Jose, California children's morning TV show: "Hocus Pocus."


LEON LION (#32017)

As Leon likes to point out to just about anyone who will listen, lions are generally known as "The King of Beasts." Adding to Leon's prominence, is the little known fact that most packaged goods carry his trademark somewhere upon them (ie. Tear along the dotted Lion). Leon is 10 inches tall and, no.. he doesn't come with any dots!



The "King of Beasts" is well represented by this up and coming new actor from the Broadway play: The Lion King (c). In fact, Leonard is so good at acting that you won't believe that he is just a 13 inch tall Hand Puppet. If he choses to do so, he may convince you he's a 15 foot alligator... or maybe a 5 inch parakeet! He's THAT good.



There will be cuddly fun all day with this sweet LITTLE LION Hand Puppet. Click on image for a larger view.



Ted here likes to tell people that he's a thespian because of the startled look he gets. He then goes on to explain that means 'actor' and that's his profession. His most famous role was in television when he starred as the "Put a tiger in your tank!" tiger for a major oil company. He says it was a bit cramped and his fur smelled of gasoline for months afterward... but it paid well. Our Theodore Tiger is 12 inches tall and has a very expressive movable mouth. Click on the image for a more detailed picture of Ted.



People are always asking Twiggy how he got his black stripes and his answer is always truthful and simple: "I was born with them!" So one day Twiggy decided to spice up the story a bit and see if anyone caught on. He said that he was born with back fur and on his first birthday his mother gave him a paint set. Since the prettiest and brightest color in the set was orange, that's the color he decided to paint his fur. Of course his mom was very upset with her new orange colored son so she took him to the river where she scrubbed him with soap and sand for three whole days trying to get the orange paint off. Unfortunately, she could only get small stripes of the orange off and so that's why Twiggy says he looks like he has orange fur with black stripes. Twiggy is 10 inches tall.



Terry's dad, Ferocious Tiger and his mom, Voracious Tiger, in keeping with family tradition, named their infant son Terrible Tiger. And, as often happens with such labels, they soon prove to be quite inappropriate. Terrible was anything but terrible. A more cuddly, lovable, polite vegetarian there never was and because no one could say his name and keep a straight face, everyone agreed to call him by his nickname 'Terry' instead. Still, Terry does retain one family trait and that's his terrible roar.



As most of you know, cats do not like the rain... mostly because rain is so... wet! Big cats are really no exception to this rule. Of course, big cats like Thunder Tiger here, often go fishing by splashing out into rushing streams and scooping fish right out of the water... but no-one says they have to like doing it. On the contrary, Thunder would much rather have his fresh fish (with tartar sauce and a lemon wedge on the side) served to him on the nice, dry, bank of the stream . Thunder is 12 inches tall.



Named after his favorite TV show 'Crusader Rabbit', Rags has been fond of rabbits ever since he was a little tiger cub and was adopted by a family of fluffy bunny rabbits. Even though Rags soon found that he could out-hop and out-run his half-brothers and sisters, he didn't do very well at what most fluffy bunny rabbits refer to as 'their main calling' which is to offer baskets of colored eggs to children during Easter.* Every time Rags would say "Happy Easter" the children would run and hide because it sounded so ferocious. It is unfortunate that in tiger language, "Happy Easter" sounds almost exactly like "I'm Going to Eat You." As a result of this, Rags now only speaks when you pat his head.

This puppet has a Sound Box hidden inside. Just press the back of his head and Rags will speak to you! If you are brave enough to hear Rags speak right now, press the button under his picture.

*A Christian holiday.


LION (2889)

The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the four big cats in the genus Panthera, and a member of the family Felidae. With some males exceeding 550 lb) in weight, he is the second-largest living cat after the tiger. Wild lions currently exist in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia with an endangered remnant population in Gir Forest National Park in India, Our beautiful Hand Puppet Lion exists right here in The Puppet Gallery and is 10 inches tall and 16 inches long. He can open his mouth but a puppeteer will need to provide the roar! Click on picture for a larger and more detailed image.



Born with brown spots as protective camouflage, the MOUNTAIN LION CUB is well suited for a solitary existence. Our hand puppet, however, is too adorable to resist with its sweet expressive eyes. Imagine it mewing for attention with its movable mouth and you'll want to adopt this big cat baby as your own! He is 21 inches long, 6 inches wide and 10 inches tall. Click on the picture for a larger view.


CHEETAH (2913)

The cheetah is the only feline with non-retractable claws and pads so they cannot grip things. This means that they cannot climb vertical trees, but they can reach easily accessible branches. The reason for this difference becomes clear when you note that the cheetah has by far the fastest land speed of any living animal — between 70 and 75 mph and has the ability to accelerate from 0 to over 62 mph in three seconds. Can you imagine what a stuck claw could do here? Our Cheetah Hand Puppet is 19 inches long and 12 inches tall and has a movable mouth. Click on image for a larger view.


BLACK CAT (2987)

Feline fans don't care much about superstition when it comes to the new Black Cat puppet. Stretched out and ready for playtime, this cool kitten has sleek, short, ebony plush with movable mouth and front legs. Intense eyes convey that this cat means business to any who dare cross its path. Our Black Cat Hand Puppet is 20 inches long, 5 inches wide, 6 inches tall and very sweet and gentle. Click on his picture for a larger view.



This white cat was known in the neighborhood backyards as "Scrappy the Dog Grinder" but after being adopted and renamed as "Fluffy Puffysuff" he sort of dropped out of circulation. Scrappy... um... Puffy is 12 inches tall with movable paws.



One day these three Domestic Shorthairs decided to form a group and break into show business. They practiced their tunes for many nights before testing out their talents on real live people. Everyone at the audition was very polite and clapped loudly. But the problem is... no one ever wants to hear them sing a second time. Go figure? On the left is Tony (NP8074M), in the middle is Perry (NP8076M), and on the right is Bing (NP8073M). Each is 15 inches long.

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Soft striped fur and wiggly whiskers adorn this 8 inch tall Hand Puppet. Animate the legs and head of this kitten to make her pounce and preen. But be careful--she'll hold onto whatever she can grab and that might just be you!



Fancy the latest cat to the clowder: a sweet faced Scottish Fold Kitten. A newly popular and distinctive breed, this puppet features unique folded ears and a rounded face with large, broad-set eyes that convey this kitty's need for affection. Play with the moveable mouth and front paws of this white and blue-grey beauty and you'll see that she is a purr-fect companion! Our Scottish Fold Kitten Hand Puppet is 12 inches long, 6 inches wide and 10 inches tall. Click on the picture for a larger view.



This cutesy-wootsy kitty-witty pretty much gets anything it wants. The moment you put your hand into this 12 inches tall Hand Puppet, it'll snatch your heart too.



Ahhh... nothing more calming and loving than a pet housecat in it's natural habitat: your finest upholstered cushions and pillows. This Hand Puppet is 26 inches long.



Always dressed to the nines, this natty catty is ready to step out on the town. Our TUXEDO CAT puppet has a movable mouth and front paws that bring him to life like a real cat - full of curiosity or seeking a lap for a nap. He is 21 inches long (to tip of tail, of course), 6 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Click on picture for a larger view.



Complete with pink bow and golden jingle bell (a mouse warning device, of course), Esmeralda is 11 inches tall. Fingers can make her front legs and head move. Her mouth does not open (also good for the mice).


#2199 BOBCAT

Looking deceptively like a domestic cat, the bobcat remains wild at heart as it hunts through the night for prey. This Bobcat puppet features a movable mouth, dark tufted ears and the dark stumpy tail that gives it its name. This Hand Puppet is 15 inches tall.



Create your own Cat Hand Puppet with this puppet kit which includes: Plush puppet body Cut-out and glue fabric puppet parts, Non-toxic glue, Instructions, Animal facts and puppet show ideas, Stage scene ready to color, Movable mouth - Package Converts to Puppet Stage. You'll need: Child-safe scissors & color crayons. Click the image to view larger.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.


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