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This ELEPHANT Hand Puppet is one handfull of fun. Made with unique fabrics it has movable lets and a trunk that animates when you pull the ring hidden inside.



Whenever you see Ellie appearing in a Puppet Show, be sure to compliment her on her figure. "It didn't come easily!" she says. "I not only joined the Pound Watchers Weight Loss Program and opened a membership in my local Shapes Workout Gym, but I also subscribed to the Kansas City Steak of the Month Club." That last one proved to be counter-productive for Ellie and she dropped it as she is a confirmed vegetarian. Ellie Elephant is 12 inches tall and has a very expressive movable mouth. Click on the image for a more detailed picture of Ellie.



Elsa was quite dismayed when she read this in Webster's College Dictionary: "el-e-phant (el'a fant) either of two very large five-toed mammals of the family Elephantidae characterized by a long prehensile trunk and large tusks esp. in the males, including Loxodonta africana of Africa, with large flapping ears, and Elephas maximus of India, with smaller ears." She claims to be simply "big boned" and that it would be nice if the dictionary would try to be a bit more flattering. Elsa is 10 inches tall and a movable mouth. Click on her picture for a larger and less flattering view.



This Hand Puppet is 10.5 inches tall. Click on picture for a larger view.



This Little Elephant Hand Puppet is 7 inches long, 7 inches wide, 6 inches tall and has a movable mouth and feet. Click on picture for a larger view.



This Hand Puppet is 22 inches in length. Hand enters into chest of puppet and up into head to work mouth.



  • Elephants typically reach puberty at 13 or 14 years of age
  • They have offspring up until they are around 50 years old
  • They may live 70 years or possibly more
  • A cow produces a single calf and in very rare cases twins
  • The interval between births is between 2.5 and 4 years
  • Our new Elephant Hand Puppet is 20 inches long.


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