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PACK RAT (#2847)

Even if you find the real thing creepy, this roly-poly Rat puppet will win you over. With soft fur, expressive eyes and a little twitchy nose and tail, he can be shy or bold, cautious or curious. With his detachable "Pack" he can collect to his heart's content. This Hand Puppet is 9 inches long, 7 inches wide and 12 inches tall.



Our Rat Pack has two members: NP8229B Eeekie (Brown) and NP8229A Squeekie (White). Each Hand Puppet is 13 inches long (25 inches to tip of tail) and guaranteed not to chew on your foodstuffs or valuables. Click on image for a larger view.

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WHITE RAT (3038)

Our White Rat Hand Puppet looks as small as a mouse here but is actually 19 inches long. Click on picture for a larger view.



A Rat recently showed up on web videos as he struggled to drag a piece of pizza down a step. Now we know where he was trying to take it. Our Rat in Tin Can Hand Puppet obviously is waiting for "take-out" of some sort (probably Italian). He is 8 inches tall and can pull back into can at a moments notice. Click on picture for a larger view.



Gordon, short for Gorgonzola, is a mouse of Italian ancestory (just like the cheese). While Gordon was born in New Jersey, his great grandfather came from the town of Gorgonzola (near Milan in Italy) where the famous cheese is said to have been created in the year 879. oUR Gordon Mouse Hand Puppet is 12 inches tall and has a very expressive movable mouth. Click on the image for a more detailed picture.


T2219 White Mouse #2219 WHITE MOUSE

Need a new mouse for your computer? We have named this one "Macintosh" even though he lives right next to our PC. Alert and eager, this adorable rodent sits hoping for cheese, or maybe it would rather keep you company at your computer? With big ears and a movable mouth and arms, he's a small fellow who will be a big favorite. This Hand Puppet is 8 inches tall.



This adorable NIBBLING MOUSE Hand Puppet sits coveting his wee wedge of cheese. His rotating head is always on the lookout for cheese thieves but he won't mind sharing with you. This is one small fellow who will be a big favorite! He is 6 inches tall. Click on the image for a larger view.


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