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#2123 MONKEY

Keep an eye on the bananas—this Monkey is nimble-fingered! When you manipulate its arms, head and mouth, this velvety puppet will steal any scene...maybe even a snack. This Hand Puppet is 10 inches tall.



This charming fellow stands 12 inches tall and has movable arms (but legs and mouth do not operate). What you can't see is the delicious banana that Cheeky has cleverly removed from the fruit bowl using his tail. We snapped this shot of him just as he was sitting down for a snack.



This Hand Puppet is 8 inches tall.



Our auburn-haired "man of the forest" has swung down from the treetops to hang out with you. Gaze into his soulful eyes or have him scratch his belly and make funny faces at your friends. Features a movable mouth and long plush fur coat. This Hand Puppet is 25 inches tall.



This adorable BABY CHIMPANZEE is a hug-able puppet that can be any child's best friend. With a movable mouth and sweet expression, he is fun for playtime, naptime or taking him on the road as a travel buddy. His arms also move and he is 15 inches tall. Click on picture for a larger, more detailed image.



What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Well, a MONKEY IN A BARREL puppet of course! When you pull the monkey down into the soft microfiber barrel, the barrel lid closes. Guess what kind of monkey business is going on in there? Pop the monkey out for a playful surprise! Our Hand Puppet Monkey is 6 inches long, 6 inches wide and 10 inches tall. Click on the picture for a larger view.



And here we have our little Monkey Pop-up Puppet waving his movable arms from the top of his favorite tree. He is 11 inches tall and can hide completely down in the tree trunk.



Also from the Coconut Atolls, Montgomery Monkey is the oldest of the 18 siblings in his family. As the "First Born" it was his duty to take care of the education, health and daily needs of his 17 brothers and sisters while his parents were either "very busy" or exhausted (which was 100% of the time). Montgomery is 12 inches tall and is very easy to operate by children as well as adults.



In a forest, in a tree, there's a monkey swinging free,
Hanging by his hands and feet, looking for a treat to eat. 

Ripe bananas grow nearby, soon they've caught the monkey's eye,
Monkey grabs one, starts to peel, now he's got a monkey meal

       Above is Mario's favorite poem. It describes his life goal and ambitions in just two sentences. Mario Monkey is 12 inches tall and has a very expressive movable mouth. Click on the image to see a more detailed picture of Mario.

    * (From: Animal Poems from A to Z, Instructor Books, 1994.)



Melvin Gorilla was not too happy with the name his folks placed on him so he had it officially changed to "Gadzook" (based upon what most folks said when suddenly encountering him)! Gadzook claims to be a distant descendant of Ohmygosh, better known as the "King Kong" of movie fame. Fortunately he did not inherit his supposed relative's 50 foot stature. Our Hand Puppet Gorilla is 10 inches tall.


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