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That's Midge Winters (GS4401) on the left, 28 inches of high fashion in her new lavender outfit including high-heel shoes. Willis (SOLD OUT), sitting next to her in his blue suit and dress shoes, has just received the bill for that outfit on his credit card. Georgia (GS4401B) and Russell Brown (GS4302B) have gone with matching red jackets for this photograph but Russell "put his foot down" when it came to wearing red shoes to match Georgia's heels.

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It's Grandma... and GRAND she is, indeed! Elder of the family, she encompasses the wit, the history, and the strength of her ancestors, and still has the wisdom to place it all in the right perspective for her descendants. This time of year, she is busily canning fruits and vegetables... her kitchen is warm with the glow of fresh baked goodies... and still she takes the time to jot down sudden recollections out of the mist of the past, so that her children will know the real truth. She uses Word 2002, by the way, running on Windows XP, to catalog these thoughts... and Publisher 98 to create the web page where she sells all those canned and baked goodies. If you can get her to slow down a moment, you might be able to place your hand into the opening on her back and up into her head to make her talk. A rod that can easily be moved to either of her hands, allows her to dust the furniture as well as wave gleefully as you arrive for supper.



Straight from their Wedding Photo Album is this charming picture of newlyweds Midge and Willis Winters. The Bride (GS4409) is wearing a full-length gown with veil and is holding a silk rose. The Groom (sold out, sorry) is wearing a full deluxe tuxedo and red silk bow tie.

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#2402 MOM

As usual, MOM is isn't just "Mom!" On weekends she's Mom the Bird Watcher hiking the back trails to spot a rare Filtch Finch. On weekdays she's Mom the School Nurse ready to bandage that cut or clean that scrape. The rest of the time she's Mom the Household Engineer. To us she's just plain ol' Mom and that's the way we like her best! Mom comes with one reversible outfit that she uses for three different activities (did we mention that she's thrifty with clothing too?). Mom is 29 inches tall. If you want to move Mom's mouth, wave her arms, or flex her fingers... well, you will have to catch up to her first!


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