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Large Bear Marionettes

The Brown Bear (or Bruin in Europe) is a large, stocky, omniverous mammal with thick coarse fur and a very short tail. They like berries, fish and obviously cookies. These 38 inch tall string puppets are available in Brown (WB965A) and Black (WB965B).

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Large Polar Bear Marionette (WB966)

These large white bears from the arctic come in your choice of colors: White (WB966), White (WB966) or White (WB966). They are all 38 inches tall.


Large Panda Marionette (WB940)

From Central China where it feeds mainly on bamboo, this bear-like creature is clasified either as a bear or as a raccoon, or more generally, as the sole member of it's own family. The beautifully made marionette is 38 inches tall.


Small Bear Marionettes

These 8 inch tall Bear string puppets come as (left to right): Polar (WB366), Brown (WB365A), Panda (WB340) and Black (WB365B).

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