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ELK (WB998)

Although elk were once found throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere, today large populations are found only in the western United States from Canada through the Eastern Rockies to New Mexico, and in a small region of the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. Elk prefer open woodlands and avoid dense unbroken forests. Elk can be found in coniferous swamps, clear cuts, aspen-hardwood forests, and coniferous-hardwood forests. They have a home range of approximately 600 square miles. Our Large Elk Marionette here is a fine fellow standing about 36 inches tall. Rock his control from side to side to have him leap across the... er... coniferous swamp.



And here we have the "pint-size" version of the Large Elk above. This cute little guy stands just 8 inches tall and his control is 16 inches from the floor. Just rock the control from side to side to make him walk.


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