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Geckos have two transparent eyelids which are permanently fused together. They cannot blink but use their spoon like tongues to frequently clean their eyelids. Geckos shed their skins (which are made of small scales) – every six weeks or so in warmer weather. A gecko can detach it’s tail if caught by a predator, although the green tree dwelling geckos are more reluctant to do this than other geckos because they use their tail for climbing. Geckos tend to live alone and are very territorial. They raise up and open their mouths to scare away intruders. Unlike other reptiles Geckos have a range of vocal sounds from chirping and chattering through to a loud croaking sound. Geckos have superb grasping abilities and some tropical gecko are even able to walk upside down across a ceiling. Our Small Gecko Stirng Puppet is about 13 inches tall (21 inches to control).


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