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Small Moose Marionette (WB394)

Martin was always a happy moose. That's probably why he first started entertaining at children's birthday parties as a clown. This was unusual in the sense that he was an invited guest at those first parties... not the entertainment. He went on to work as a Stand-Up Comic at The Moose Pit nightclub in Los Angeles... and it looked like his career as an entertainer was talking off. It was when he auditioned for a new Off-Broadway play "Moose Over Miami" that the truth began to sink in. He was turned down for a part in the Hollywood film "Blair Moose Project" and that confirmed the awful truth. He was stereotyped... and not by anything that he had done. Just by fate. He simply looked too much like an already famous movie star. Marty is still entertaining crowds at The Moose Pit... and still loving every minute of it. But he can't help cringing when someone in the audience shouts out: "Hey, Moose! Where's Squirrel?" Martin (Marty) is 8 inches tall with strings that reach up to the control about 16 inches from the floor.

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